23rd Annual RiboClub Meeting

RNA scientists in Sherbrooke have organized the 22ndRiboClub Meeting to be held in Orford at Hotel Manoir des Sables (in the vicinity of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada).

The program includes a keynote lecture by Rhiju Das, an after-dinner talk by Melissa Moore, poster sessions and invited speakers (David Tollervey, Phil Bevilacqua, Gene Yeo, Andrej Luptak, Jeannie Lee, Yuanchao Xue, Silvi Rouskin, Karim Mekhail, Xiaohua Shen, Jun Lu, Ru-Juan Liu, Eliezer Calo, Stacy Horner, Homa Ghalei, Yuri Motorin, Yue Wan, Jérôme Cavaillé and Éric Lécuyer) on plenary sessions that will include: New outlooks on ribozyme biology, Bacterial mRNA, Non-coding RNA, RNA condensates, RNA processing, Function and mechanism of RNA modification, Disease associated dysregulation of RNA metabolism, RNA-based editing therapies, Re-writing the transcriptome in health and disease, RNA delivery technologies, RNA viruses and pandemics, RNA-based therapeutics, Ribosome diversity, Translation, RNA localization and trafficking, RNA binding proteins, RNA networks, RNA detection technologies, Computational RNA biology, Alternative RNA splicing. The flavor of the year isThe next revolution in RNA based medicine and technologies.

Additional talks will be selected from submitted abstracts.

Registration and abstract deadline are until June 30, but late registration is accepted until September 2nd.

The RiboClub Society, in collaboration with the RNA Society, has set aside a limited amount of funds to provide travel fellowships for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who otherwise would not be able to attend the meeting for financial reasons. If you wish to apply for a fellowship, please fill the pdf form at our web site and send it as file attachment by email to [email protected] . The application needs to be submitted before June 10th and the results will be communicated by email no later than June 25th.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Orford next September.

Benoit Chabot (for the organizing commmittee: Sherif Abou Elela, Michelle Scott, Raymund Wellinger, Brendan Bell, François Bachand, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Michelle Scott, Eric Massé, Daniel Lafontaine, Martin Bisaillon)