Genome-Wide tRNA Epigenetic Biology in Philadelphia

Posted on April 15,

A postdoctoral position is available with Professor Ya-Ming Hou at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA. We explore tRNA epigenetic changes and how these changes control gene expression at the codon level and in response to cellular stress at the new frontier of molecular biology and the central dogma. We use a synthetic biology approach with CRISPR-edited genomes and CRISPRi approaches to determine how changes in tRNA epigenetics impact cell fitness in human health and disease. We have an intellectually stimulating environment and we encourage global networking. Current projects on tRNA epigenetic biology focus on:

(1)  response to environmental stress
(2)  discovery of new bacterial physiology and antibiotic therapeutics
(3)  neurodegenerative and mitochondrial diseases 

For more information, please see the following publications and our website:

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Candidates with a recent Ph.D. and a passion for basic research are encouraged to apply. Experience in molecular biology, enzymology, nucleic acids research, and protein purification and biotechnology is preferred.

Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information of three references to:

Ya-Ming Hou
Professor of Biochemistry and Mol Biology
Thomas Jefferson University
233 S. 10th Street, BLSB 220
Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
T: 215-503-4480
Email: [email protected]edu