Postdoc position in bacterial RNA Biology at Uppsala University, Sweden

Posted on April 29,

We are looking for a highly motivated, bright, and enthusiastic candidate with a background in RNA biology and/or molecular microbiology. The candidate should be able to work as a team member, learn new skills rapidly, and have excellent communication skills. The applicant must have received his/her PhD degree within the last 6 years.

The postdoctoral position is placed in the Holmqvist laboratory at Uppsala University, Sweden. The project will be focused on post-transcriptional gene regulation by bacterial RNA binding proteins. Specifically, the project will include molecular and physiological characterization of previously unknown RNA-binding proteins in Escherichia coli, which were recently identified in the host laboratory. To this end, we will combine molecular biology, biochemistry, and genome-wide analyses such as CLIP-seq and RNA-seq to investigate molecular mechanisms and their consequences for bacterial physiology and virulence.

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Please send your application (in English) including a CV, a short summary of academic records and research interests, and at least two letters of recommendation (or contact details of potential referees) to [email protected]

Anticipated start date: September 2022. The two-year position is fully funded through the Carl Tryggers Foundation.