2021-2022 Donor Recognition Program

If you would like to donate via the web: please click here.

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Annual Recognition
(Donations in a given Fiscal Year)
Gold Circle:  $1,000 or more
Silver Circle:  $500–$999
Bronze Circle:  $100–$499
Supporter: up to $99

Lifetime Recognition
(Cumulative donations)
 Lifetime Benefactor:  $50,000 or more
Lifetime Patron:  $25,000–$49,999
Lifetime Sponsor:  $10,000–$24,999
Lifetime Supporter:  $5,000–$9,999





In gratitude for your support of the RNA Society and its mission, donors will be recognized at the above contribution levels on the Society’s web page and in its Annual Report. Annual recognition will be published for donations received within the previous calendar year. Lifetime recognition will be published in the year that the donation is received, and each year hence. If you choose to donate anonymously, your name will not be listed and instead will be identified as an anonymous donation. If you choose to donate in in honor or memory of someone else, we ask that you provide permission to print their name.


The RNA Society is currently soliciting donations to gauge support for the establishment of an Awards Endowment Fund. This fund would sustain our current awards program and support new award categories in recognition of the research, leadership, and service accomplishments of our members. An Awards Endowment Fund would provide a framework for management of donations and guidelines to ensure sustainable growth and longevity not achievable through the General Fund. If approved, the Awards Endowment Fund will be established with an initial amount of $250,000 and will grow through continued fundraising. All donations marked above for the Awards Endowment Fund will be applied towards establishment of this endowment. If not approved or if fundraising goals are not met, donations will revert to the General Fund.


The General Fund of the RNA Society supports its annual operational and programing costs. Donations to the General Fund may be used by the Society for any purpose, including support for member recruitment and retention, new programing, member enhancement initiatives, and/or administrative and operating costs. Donations to this fund help to ensure the Society can successfully fulfill its current operations while exploring new opportunities to serve our members and RNA researchers worldwide.

If you prefer to make a donation to the RNA Society for any other purpose, or wish to discuss other means of financially supporting the Society, please contact [email protected] – we are happy to work with you to implement your goals for the RNA research community. The RNA Society is grateful for your consideration in your charitable planning and please note that all donations are tax deductible (the RNA Society is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the USA).