In recognition of the outstanding lives and accomplishments of our members, each month we profile two RNA Society members—one Full member and one Student/Post-doctoral Fellow member—as part of our Member Spotlight Series.

Read about your colleagues’ career paths, their advice for succeeding in science, and their favorite RNA!

Featured Spotlights

Dr. Oguzhan Begik is the inaugural graduate student winner of the RNA Society’s Eclipse Award for Innovation in High Throughput Biology.  He’s also a recent PhD graduate from the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) and is busy quantifying the RNA world one epitranscriptomic modification at a time. In this month’s spotlight he discusses his work and some of the challenges that he’s faced during his journey in science.

Dr. Aaron Hoskins is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and was named the Wasson Professor in Biochemistry of Higher Animals in 2021. His group uses chemistry, biology, and single molecule analysis to elucidate biochemical mechanisms underpinning several eukaryotic RNA metabolic processes including formation of the spliceosome. This month’s piece was written by Dr. Carla Oliveira and describes Dr. Hoskin’s excitement on RNA splicing, his views on being a member of the RNA Society and his advice for early career researchers.



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