In recognition of the outstanding lives and accomplishments of our members, each month we profile two RNA Society members—one Full member and one Student/Post-doctoral Fellow member—as part of our Member Spotlight Series.

Read about your colleagues’ career paths, their advice for succeeding in science, and their favorite RNA!

Featured Spotlights

Dr. Archa Fox is a Professor within the School of Human Sciences at the University of Western Australia in Perth. She’s had a distinguished career of research examining paraspeckles and has been a key leader and advocate for gender equality initiatives and for RNA science and RNA therapeutics research in Australia for nearly two decades.

Dr. Weihan Li is a postdoctoral fellow at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine using single-molecule mRNA tracking to uncover spatial gene expression in the mitochondria. In this month’s piece, written by Dr. Monika Witzenberger, he shares how his academic journey took him from physics to biology, and the lessons learned from numerous mentors along the way.

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