Launched in 2016, the RNA Salon program provides financial support for recurring local/regional RNA science-based activities held at academic institutions throughout the world. With the aim of promoting engagement and interaction among RNA scientists, the RNA SOCIETY hopes to advance the training and professional development of RNA researchers, with a particular focus on junior trainees.

In June 2020, a Summary of 2019/2020 RNA Salon activities was presented to the RNA Society Board of Directors highlighting the strong growth and tremendous impact of the RNA Salon program as well as its quick adaptation to the pandemic. Reflecting our strong traditions as a highly engaged community, the RNA Salons have quickly embraced the new constraints and opportunities in the COVID-19 pandemic moving many of their activities into the virtual space in short time.

In 2019/2020, the RNA Salon program enjoyed participation by an astonishing number of more than 6,000 RNA researchers worldwide. In recognition of the efforts of RNA Salon organizers and to highlight the interactive events held under the RNA Salon program, individual Salons and their activities are periodically highlighted here.

We congratulate all the RNA Salon organizers on their outstanding leadership for our community! Thanks to their engagement, the impact and momentum of the RNA Salon program continues to be strong.

The RNA SOCIETY is now excited to announce that an impressive number of 52 RNA Salons will be active in 2020/2021. These are comprised of 34 newly funded RNA Salons as well as 18 continuing RNA Salons who agreed carry on their activities with funding remaining from last year. A complete list of all new and continuing RNA Salons and organizers can be found here.

To learn more about how to qualify for support from the RNA Society for your RNA-related events, please see the ‘Guidelines for RNA Salon Support 2020’.

We hope that you all have an opportunity to join an RNA Salon event, and to connect with your colleagues and peers who are equally enthusiastic about RNA as you are!

Ute Kothe
RNA Salon Program Coordinator, RNA SOCIETY