The RNA Society Mid-Career and Early-Career Awards

The RNA Society’s Mid-Career and Early-Career Awards were established in 2016 to recognize outstanding scientific achievements for scientists in the early or middle parts of their careers.

Awardees will be invited to give a talk at the RNA Society’s annual meeting, with their registration, hotel and travel expenses paid for by the Society. There is no cash prize associated with the award.
  • Eligible Early-Career recipients will be within their first 7 years as an independent investigator as of July 1, 2023.
  • Eligible Mid-Career recipients will be within their first 15 years as an independent investigator as of July 1, 2023. 
  • The award can be for a single important discovery or for an extended portfolio of work. The basis for the award must be from independent research conducted in the recipient’s laboratory.
  • The winner must be a member of the RNA Society and contributions to the RNA Society can factor into the award decision.
  • The winner will have the opportunity to give a short talk at the RNA meeting where the award is presented.

Application Process
Both self-nominations and nominations of others are welcome and encouraged. Nominations must include a complete CV of the candidate, and a letter of nomination that clearly and briefly states the single important discovery or summarizes the extended portfolio of work to provide an overview of the qualifications of the candidate. Additional letters of support are welcome but not required. 

The award will be granted without regard to race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, or presence of disabilities.

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Application Deadline

Only completed applications submitted by September 30, 2023 will be considered.

Previous Winners:

The RNA Society Mid-Career Award
Karla Neugebauer (2017), Nils Walter (2017), Erik Sontheimer (2018), Ailong Ke (2019), Jernej Ule (2020), Ling-Ling Chen (2021), Julius Brennecke (2022), Nicholas Ingolia (2023), Chase Beisel (2024)

The RNA Society Early-Career Award
Wendy Gilbert (2017), Gene Yeo (2017), Andrei Korostelev (2018) and Maria Barna (2019), Igor Ulitsky (2020), Schraga Schwartz (2021), Nicholas Guydosh (2022), Jinwei Zhang (2023), Chun Kit Kwok (2024)