The RNA Society Lifetime Achievement Awards 

The RNA Society Lifetime Achievement in Science Award is presented to a member of the RNA Society based on outstanding scientific accomplishments over the duration of one’s career. All areas and advances in RNA science – including academic, industry, fundamental or applied RNA science - are acknowledged and should be considered. 

The RNA Society Lifetime Service Award is presented to a member of the RNA Society based on their long-standing contribution and leadership in promoting the mission and activities of the RNA Society.

These awards are adjudicated separately from other awards and by members of the Board of Directors. Call for nominations typically goes out in December.

Previous Winners:

Lifetime Achievement in Science 

Joan Steitz (2003), Harry Noller (2004), John Abelson (2005), Christine Guthrie (2006), Walter Keller (2007), Norm Pace (2008), Thomas Cech (2009), Fritz Eckstein (2010), Witold Filipowicz (2011), Olke Uhlenbeck (2012), Phillip Sharp (2013), Reinhard Lührmann (2014), Anita Hopper (2015), Eric Westhof (2016), Lynne Maquat (2017), Jean Beggs (2018), Adrian Krainer (2019), Matthia Hentze (2020), Melissa Moore (2021), Gideon Dreyfus (2022), Marlene Belfort (2023), Jennifer Doudna (2024)

Lifetime Achievement in Service

Tim Nilsen (2003), Chris Greer (2004), Jean Beggs (2005), Olke Uhlenbeck (2006), Marvin Wickens (2007), Eric Westhof (2008), Anita Hopper (2009), Lynne Maquat (2010), Evelyn Jabri (2011), Brenda Peculis (2012), Ann Marie Micenmacher (2014), David Lilley (2015), Andrea Barta (2016), Andrew Feig (2017), Elizabeth Tran (2018), Jim McSwiggen (2019), Sarah Woodson (2020), Juan Valcárcel (2021), Anna Marie Pyle (2022), Benoît Chabot (2023), Ute Kothe (2024)