RNA Collaborative Seminar Series

Past Seminars

RNA Collaborative seminars are held virtually every other Wednesday, from 4:00-5:00 pm EDT (8:00 -9:00 pm GMT) and are recorded and made freely available for viewing on the RNA Collaborative YouTube Channel.

If you have difficulty viewing an archived seminar or would like more information, please contact Grace Lee at [email protected].


January 31, 2024, 4 PM ET  University of Rochester Center for RNA Biology
Speaker Amanda Larracuente, PhDSatellite DNAs and Small RNAs in Drosophila
Speaker John Lueck, PhD"Development of Therapeutic Anticodon Edited (ACE)-tRNA Technologies for Nonsense Associated Diseases"
Moderator: Eric Wagner, PhD
Zoom Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Tb8uM4wXRuOXv-sH4Dzu

January 17, 2024, 4 PM ET  University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine
Speaker John Prensner, MD, PhD" Functions of non-canonical open reading frames in cancer"
Speaker Michelle Hastings, PhD"Title Pending"
Moderator: Mats Ljungman, PhD

January 3, 2024, 10 AM ET University of Science & Technology of China (USTC) RNA Institute
Speaker  Dr. Xiaolin WangA mammalian conserved circular RNA CircLARP1B regulates hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis and lipid metabolism
Speaker Dr. Shouhong Guang" Germ granule compartments coordinate specialized small RNA production in C. elegans"
Moderator: Dr. Ge Shan

December 20, 2023, 10 AM CET  RNA Research Centre in Poznań
Speaker Jakub Dolata, Postdoctoral Research, microRNA biogenesis: co-transcriptional regulation and RNA modifications
Speaker Zbigniew Warkock, PhD Postdoc"LINE-1 mRNA 3’ end dynamics shape its biology and retrotransposition potential"
Moderator: Magda Maslon, PhD

December 6, 2023, 10 AM PT UCSC Center for Molecular Biology of RNA
Speaker Gillian RrexroadRethinking the Role of GTP Hydrolysis in Ribosomal Translocation
Speaker Jeremy Sanford, PhD" CURE-ing the exon-identity crisis"
Moderator: TBA

November 22, 2023, 4 PM ET  Penn Institute for RNA Innovation, University of Pennsylvania
Speaker TBA, “Title TBA”
Speaker TBA, "Title TBA"
Moderator: TBA

November 8, 2023, 10 AM ET The RNA Institute, SUNY University at Albany
Speaker Arun Richard Chandrasekaran, PhDDynamic control of nucleic acid nanostructures using RNA and RNA degrading enzymes
Speaker Hannah Shorrock, PhD, "Alternative splicing dysregulation in CAG expansion Spinocerebellar Ataxias"
Moderator: Ken Halvorsen, PhD

October 25, 2023, 4 PM ET  Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine (HIRM)
Speaker Carmelo Nucera, MD, PhDIdentification of a new lincRNA in the thyroid gland
Speaker Amanda Whipple, PhD"Regulation of imprinted gene expression in the brain"
Moderator: Frank Slack, PhD

October 11, 2023, 10 AM ET Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI)
Speaker Anuja Kibe, PhDThe translational landscape of HIV-1 infected cells reveals novel gene regulatory principles
Speaker Patrick Bohn"Native long read RNA structure probing to reveal RNA interaction sites"
Speaker Sahil Sharma, PhDEndogenous RNA targeting by RNA-guided nuclease Cas9 in its native host
Moderator: Neva Caliskan, PhD

September 27, 2023, 4 PM ET  NUS-CSI Singapore RNA Biology Center
Speaker Anthony Khong, Ph.DStress granules promote chemoresistance by enhancing p21 levels and triggering cell cycle exit
Speaker Pek Jun Wei , PhD"Stable intronic sequences RNA: an expanding universe"
Moderator: Yvonne Tay, PhD

September 13, 2023, 4 PM ET  NCI RNA Biology Initiative
Speaker Natasha Caplen, Ph.D.hnRNPs, RNA biosynthesis, and disease: Insights from a fusion-driven cancer
Speaker Sarah Dremel, Ph.D."Consequences of circular RNA escape during herpesvirus host shut off"
Moderator: Sandra Wolin, MD, PhD

August 16, 2023, 10 AM ET  Zhejiang University (ZJU) Center for RNA Medicine
Speaker Shuai Liu, PhDLipid-based nanoparticles for organ selective mRNA delivery
Speaker Aiming Ren, PhD"Structure-based investigations of the working mechanisms underlying some specific non-coding RNA molecules"
Moderator: Xin Li, PhD

August 2, 2023, 4 PM ET RiboClub Sherbrooke
Speaker Haissi Cui, PhDMammalian aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases in mRNA translation and beyond
Speaker Marc Fabian, PhD"Exploring how biomolecular condensates can regulate mRNA decay"
Moderator: Sherif Abou Elela

July 19, 2023, 4 PM ET  MD Anderson Center for RNA Interference and Non-Coding RNAs
Speaker Sara Corvigno, PhDEnhanced vesicles for nucleotide delivery for cancer therapy
Speaker Paola Amero, PhD"Aptamer chimera for therapeutic delivery"
Moderator: Gabriel Lopez-Berestein, MD

July 5, 2023, 10 AM ET  Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)
Speaker Erin Sternburg, PhDRGG motifs govern nuclear localization, RNA-binding, and stress granule recruitment of the neurodegeneration-linked RNA-binding protein FUS
Speaker Nadezda Podvalnaya"piRNA processing by a trimeric Schlafen-domain nuclease"
Moderator: Shamitha Govind

June 21, 2023, 10 AM ET  RNA initiative at the Italian Institute of Technology (iRNA@IIT)
Speaker Damiano Mangoni, PhD, “L1 ncRNAs at striatal circuits promote transition from flexible to inflexible behavior
Speaker Laura Broglia, PhDA circular-linear cooperative RNA network regulates cardiomyocyte differentiation by Sam68"
Moderator: Dafne Campigli Di Giammartino, PhD

June 7, 2023, 10 AM ET  Shanghai RNA Club
Speaker Fei-Long Meng, PhDMesoscale DNA Feature in Antibody-Coding Sequence Facilitates Somatic Hypermutation
Speaker Hua-Bing Li, PhD"RNA Modification in Immunity"
Moderator: Chao-Po Lin, PhD 

May 24, 2023, 4 PM ET  UNC RNA Discovery Center
Speaker Daniel Dominguez, PhD“Title TBA”
Speaker Owen Fenton, PhD"Development and Evaluatoin of Non-Viral RNA Delivery Platforms"
Moderator: Chad Pecot, MD

May 10, 2023, 10 AM ET  Groupement de Recherche (GDR) RNA
Speaker Mélanie Ethève QuelquejeuRNA-cofactor conjugates as bisubstrates for the study of RNA methyltransferases
Speaker Zeynep Baharogl" Epitranscriptomic adaptation to antibiotics: queuosine tRNA modification in Vibrio cholerae"
Moderator: Maria Duca, PhD

April 26, 2023, 4 PM ET  Bay Area RNA Club (BARC)
Speaker Gloria Brar, PhDGenomic expression cassettes drive unexpected RNAs and off-target effects
Speaker Rhiju Das, PhD" Progress in RNA 3D modeling?"
Moderator: Stefan Oberlin, PhD

March 29, 2023, 4 PM ET  Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute (ARRTI)
Speaker Elizabeth Trofimenkoff, “On the mathematical modeling of eIF5B-mediated non-canonical translation initiation as a chemotherapeutic target
Speaker Darren Gemmill, "Nucleolin Interacts with ZIKV RNA Terminal Regions and Modulates Virion Assembly"
Moderator: Laura Keffer-Wilkes

March 15, 2023, 4 PM ET  Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine
Speaker Stefania Nicoli, PhDThe hidden life of mRNAs: a non-coding role as sensors of cell environment
Speaker Carson Thoreen, PhD"Functions of mRNA 5′ terminal sequences"
Moderator: Karla Neugebauer, PhD

March 1, 2023, 4 PM ET  University of Rochester Center for RNA Biology
Speaker Dmitri ErmolenkoTo what extent do mRNA stem-loops pause the translating ribosome?
Speaker Joseph Wedekind"The preQ1 riboswitch family uses multiple knotty strategies to control translation"
Moderator: Lynne Maquat, PhD

Feb 15, 2023, 10 AM ET  European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Speaker Simone HeberTropomyosin 1-I/C co-ordinates kinesin-1 and dynein motors during oskar mRNA transport
Speaker Jonas Tholen"The structural basis of intron branch site recognition by the human spliceosome"
Moderator: Cecilia Perez-Borrajero

Feb 01, 2023, 10 AM ET  University of Science & Technology of China (USTC) RNA Institute
Speaker Chengming ZhuUSTC complex and UAD-2 regulate piRNA transcription in C. elegans
Speaker Liang Chen" Exportin 4 in the nuclear export of exonic circRNAs"
Moderator: Shouhong Guang

Jan 18, 2023, 4 PM ET  University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine
Rachel Niederer, Ph.D., “Regulation of ribosome activity and structure by a key neurotransmitter in sensory neurons
Jay Querido, Ph.D."The Structural Basis of Translational Initiation and its Regulation by the RNA Helicase eIF4A"
Moderator: Mats Ljungman, Ph.D. 

Jan 04, 2023, 10 AM ET  RNA MaxiGroup, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Charlotte Kanzler"Control of embryonic cell fates by the translational repressor Bicaudal-C"
Patrick Smith, “Regulation of ribosome activity and structure by a key neurotransmitter in sensory neurons
Isabella Whitworth, “Elucidating the RNA-protein interactome of SARS CoV-2 using HyPR-MS
Moderator: Aaron Hoskins  

Dec 14, 2022, 4 PM ET  UCSC Center for Molecular Biology of RNA

Nov 30, 2022, 4 PM ET  Penn Institute for RNA Innovation
Lijun Zhou, Ph.D., “Exploring the 'RNA World' with non-natural nucleic acid”
Robert Wang, "Long-read strategies to study the human transcriptome"
Moderator: Michael Owens

Nov 16, 2022, 4 PM ET  The RNA Institute, University At Albany
Paolo Forni"Single cell transcriptome of the vomeronasal organ of mice, new findings, new questions"
Kaalak Reddy"Functional consequences of disease-associated inosine misincorporation into RNA"
Moderator: Melinda Larsen

Nov 2, 2022, 4 PM ET  Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine
Ryan Flynn"glycoRNAs: bridging the gap between glycobiology and RNA biology"
Sylvie Rouskin"Viral RNA structures as regulators of gene expression and therapeutic targets"

Moderator: Frank Slack
Zoom Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_NxBHhZyjSlKXGEFzRKhAb

Oct 19, 2022, 10 AM ET  Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI)
Redmond Smyth"Probing the structure and function of viral RNAs"
Bhupesh Prusty"Regulation of miRNA processing by other miRNAs through sequence specific RNA:RNA interactions"
Moderator: Neva Caliskan

Oct 5, 2022, 10 AM ET  NUS-CSI Singapore RNA Biology Center
Daniel G. Tenen“Weird nuclear noncoding RNAs regulating DNA methylation, mRNA transcription, and DNA replication”
Yue WAN"Mapping RNA structures in single cells"
Moderator: Polly Chen

Sep 21, 2022, 4 PM ET  NCI RNA Biology Initiative
Pedro Batista, Ph.D.“Re-wiring of RNA methylation by oncometabolites in kidney cancer”
Joana Vidigal, Ph.D."AGO2 unchained: in vivo roles in the miRNA pathway and beyond"
Moderator: Sandra Wolin, MD, PhD

Sep 7, 2022, 4 PM ET  UMass Medical School, RNA Therapeutics Institute
Ildar Gainetdinov, Ph.D.Why do animals need two Argonaute families with different catalytic properties?”
Karina Jouravleva, Ph.D."Structural basis for accurate and efficient microRNA biogenesis by Dicer"
Moderator: Wenwen Fang, PhD

Aug 24, 2022, 4 PM ET  RNA Collaborative Lighniting Talk presentations with live Q&A
 "ZAPping out the virus"
Anuja Kibe, Helmholtz Institute of RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI)
"How to use Cytoplasmic Stress Granules to Better Treat Cancer"
Gabriel Faber, Bar Ilan University
"Blocking the evolutionary escape of viruses"
Fabian Rohden, University of Manitoba

Aug 10, 2022, 4 PM ET  RiboClub Sherbrooke
Michelle Scott“From ribosome biogenesis to gene expression regulation: small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) target a wide transcriptome”
Peter Unrau"RNA Mango aptamer tools: RNA imaging, sensors and RNA-protein complex pulldowns"

Jul 27, 2022, 4 PM ET  MD Anderson Center for RNA Interference and Non-Coding RNAs
Elaine Stur“Spatially resolved transcriptomics of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma”
Menlanie Winkle"Anti-miR-93-5p therapy prolongs sepsis survival by restoring the peripheral immune response"

Jul 13, 2022, 10 AM ET  Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)
Julian Koenig“FUBP1 is a new core component of 3' splice site recognition that facilitates the splicing of long introns”
Kathi Zarnack"High-throughput mutagenesis identifies mutations and RNA-binding proteins controlling CD19 splicing and CART-19 therapy resistance"
Moderator: Stefanie Ebersberger

Jun 29, 2022, 10 AM ET  Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Roberto Giambruno“RNA-host protein interaction analyses reveal additional proteins involved in SARS-CoV-2 RNA biology”
Caterina Gasperini"Dissecting the role of Piwil2 (Mili) in neural stem cell fate"

Jun 15, 2022, 10 AM ET  Shanghai RNA Club
Rujuan Liu“Catalyzing tRNA, mRNA or others? The multifaceted role of tRNA modifying enzymes”
Hui Yang"Structural insights into substrate targeting and inhibition of CRISPR-Cas systems"
Moderator: Paul Lin

Jun 1, 2022, 4 PM ET  University of North Carolina RNA Research Group
Christine Roden“SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein-RNA interactions encode viral functions”
Aki Braceros"Counterbalanced interactions between DNA regulatory elements control long-distance epigenetic silencing by the Airn lncRNA"
Moderator: Qi Zhang

May 18, 2022, 10 AM ET  Groupe de Recherche RNA (GDR)
Marc Graille“TRMT112, a master regulator of RNA methyltransferases modifying factors involved in mRNA translation”
Andrey Klymchenko"Fluorescent nanoparticles for amplified detection and imaging of RNA in solution and cells"
Moderator: Fabrice Leclerc, Ph.D.

May 4, 2022, 4 PM ET  The Bay Area RNA Club (BARC)
Julia Salzman“Developmentally regulated RNA isoforms expression programs revealed by scRNA-seq”
Mark Ansel"Dissecting post-transcriptional circuits in immune responses"
Moderator: Miri Krupkin

Apr 20, 2022, 4 PM ET  Cambridge RNA Club
Kathryn Lilley, Ph.D.“The spatial organisation of the cell”
Alex Borodavka, Ph.D."Putting the spotlight on the molecular choreography of viral RNAs"
Moderator: Eric Miska, Ph.D.

Apr 6, 2022, 4 PM ET  Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute (ARRTI)
Luke Saville“NERD-seq: A novel approach of Nanopore direct RNA sequencing that expands representation of non-coding RNAs”
Athan Zovoilis"Dissecting the role of SINE non-coding RNAs in brain health and disease"

Mar 23, 2022, 4 PM ET  Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine
Josien van Wolfswinkel, Ph.D.“The role of PIWI proteins and piRNAs in the eternal life of planarian stem cells”
Stephanie Halene M.D.,Ph.D."U2AF1 Mutations Enhance Stress Granule Response in Myeloid Malignancies"
Moderator: Prof. Karla Neugebauer, PhD.

Mar 9, 2022, 10 AM ET  European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Mainak Bose, PhD (Ephrussi group)“Liquid or solid - Do material properties of RNP granules matter in vivo?”
Pravin Jagtap, PhD (Hennig group)"Molecular insights into the remodelling of roX lncRNA during Drosophila dosage compensation"
Moderator: Janosch Hennig, PhD
Feb 9, 2022, 10 AM ET  
USTC RNA Institute
Ge Shan, Ph.D.“CircRNA subclasses and functions”
Xiaoyuan Song"The role of long noncoding RNAs in brain aging"
Moderator: Shouhong Guang, Ph.D.

Feb 23, 2022, 4 PM ET  University of Rochester Center for RNA Biology
Peng Yao, PhD“Hyperactive translation programs during cardiac remodeling”
Eric J. Wagner, PhD"Unexpected interactions with the integrator complex"
Moderator: Lynne Maquat, PhD

Jan 26, 2022, 4 PM ET  University of Michigan, Center for RNA Biomedicine
Kristin Koutmou, Ph.D.“Consequences of uridine modifications on translation”
Peter Todd, M.D., Ph.D."Repeat associated Non-AUG initiated Translation in neurodegenerative disease"
Moderator: Mats Ljungman, Ph.D.

Jan 12, 2022, 4 PM ET  University of Wisconsin-Madison RNA MaxiGroup
Justin Mabin, Ph.D.“Human spliceosomal snRNA sequence variants generate variant spliceosomes” 
Bo Peng, Ph.D., “Characterization of RNA binding protein regulation in neural stem cell quiescence exit”
Brian Carrick, Ph.D."Unraveling the multiple key roles of a single RBP in development"
Moderator: Aaron Hoskins, Ph.D.

Dec 15, 2021, 4 PM ET  Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine
Annalisa Di Ruscio, M.D., Ph.D. "A RNA-guided approach to epigenetic therapy"
Ioannis Vlachos, Ph.D. “Efficient integration of spatial transcriptomics and single cell sequencing technologies for in depth tissue interrogation” 
Moderator: Frank Slack, Ph.D. 

Dec 1, 2021, 4 PM ET  Penn RNA Group - University of Pennsylvania
Kathryn Hamilton, PhD "IMP-licating RNA binding proteins in intestinal tissue regeneration"
Peter Choi, PhD “Consequences of RNA-binding protein mutations in cancer” 
Moderator: Kathy Liu, Ph.D. 

Nov 17, 2021, 4 PM ET  The RNA Institute, University At Albany
Gabriele Fuchs, PhD “RACK1 as a regulator of Protein biosynthesis”
Cara Pager, PhD "RNA Shapes Zika virus gene expression"
Moderator: Marlene Belfort, Ph.D.

Nov 3, 2021, 4 PM ET  UCSC Center for Molecular Biology of RNA
Jeremy Sanford, PhD “Post-transcriptional control of oncogenic gene expression by IGF2BP3”
Michael Stone, PhD "Multiplexed single-molecule analysis of human telomerase catalysis"

Oct 6, 2021, 9 AM ET  RNA Biology Center, CSI-NUS
Polly CHEN “Crosstalk between RNA editing and RNA splicing”
Yvonne TAY "Widespread 3’UTR splicing promotes oncogene expression and tumorigenesis"
Moderator: Daniel G.TENEN

Oct 20, 2021, 9 AM ET  Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research
Chase Beisel, PhD “CRISPR-Cas systems and the dilemma(s) of adaptive immunity”
Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba, PhD "Uncovering host-pathogen interaction modalities using single-cell RNA-seq and RNA metabolic labeling"
Moderator: Neva Caliskan, Ph.D.

Sep 22, 2021, 4 PM ET  NCI RNA Biology Initiative
Astrid Haase, MD, PhD “A small RNA perspective on genomic conflict”
John (Jay) Schneekloth, Jr, PhD "Targeting RNA with small molecules: tools and tactics"
Moderator: Sandra Wolin, MD, PhD

Sep 8, 2021, 4 PM ET  University of Rochester Center for RNA Biology
Jenna Lentini (PhD student) “DALRD3 targets specific arginine-tRNAs for 3-methylcytosine modification”
David Mathews, MD, PhD “Using conservation to determine RNA secondary structure”
Moderator: Lynne Maquat, PhD

Aug 25, 2021, 9 AM ET   Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)
Dorothee Dormann, PhD “Regulation of neurodegeneration-linked RNA-binding proteins by nuclear import receptors and post-translational modifications”
René Ketting, PhD "Small RNAs and epigenetic inheritance"
Moderator: Julian König, PhD

Aug 11, 2021, 4 PM ET  RiboClub Sherbrooke
Éric Lécuyer, PhD (IRCM, Montreal Clinical Research Institute)“Insights into the subcellular travels of cellular RNAs and RNA binding proteins”
Moderator: Sherif Abou Elela

Jul 28, 2021, 9 AM ET  MD Anderson Center for RNA Interference and Non-Coding RNAs
Paola Amero, Ph.D.  “Conversion of RNA Aptamer into Modified DNA Aptamers Provides for Prolonged Stability and Enhanced Antitumor Activity”
Santosh Kumar Dasari, Ph.D. "New directions in targeting cancer epigenetics"
Moderator: Gabriel Lopez, MD

Jul 14, 2021, 9 AM EST  iRNA @ Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Stefano Gustincich, PhD“SINEUPs: a new functional class of antisense long non-coding RNAs”
Moderator: Prof. Gian Gaetano Tartaglia

Jun 30, 2021, 4 PM ET  University of Michigan, Center for RNA Biomedicine
Sethu Pitchiaya, Ph.D. “Dynamic multivalent interactions drive mammalian RNA regulation”
Chase Weidmann, Ph.D. "Characterizing cellular RNA-protein interaction networks with chemical probes"
Moderator: Nils Walter, Ph.D.

Jun 16, 2021, 4  PM ET  Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine
Wendy V. Gilbert, PhD “Revealing new functions for ancient RNA modifying enzymes in health and disease”
Antonio Giraldez, PhD "Mechanisms of posttranscriptional regulation during the maternal to zygotic transition"

Jun 2, 2021, 9 AM ET  European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Lena Anastasakou, Ph.D. “An evolutionarily conserved structure-to-function axis governs the functional mechanism of the regulatory lncRNA MEG3”
François Dossin, Ph.D. "Mechanistic dissection of SPEN function during X chromosome inactivation."

May 19, 2021, 9 AM ET  GDR RNA (@RNA_CNRS)
Jean-Louis Mergny, Ph.D. “Quadruplexes are everywhere”
Alexandre David, Ph.D. "RNA Epigenetics steers colorectal cancer cell fate"

May 5, 2021, 9 AM ET  Cambridge RNA Club
Gonçalo Bernades, Ph.D. “A small-molecule targeted RNA degradation approach: empowering RNA methylation analysis”
Lori Passmore Ph.D. "Mechanistic insight into the mRNA poly(A) tail machinery"
Moderator: Eric Miska, Ph.D.

April 21, 2021, 9 AM ET  Shanghai RNA Club
Jinbiao Ma, Ph.D.“Structural insights into molecular mechanism for N6-adenosine methylation by MT-A70 family methyltransferase METTL4”
Qiangfeng Zhang, Ph.D.“A fight against SARS-CoV-2 powered by RNA structure systems biology and machine intelligence”
Moderator: Jinzhong Lin, Ph.D.
April 7, 2021, 4 PM EST
  The Bay Area RNA Club (BARC)
Stephen Floor, Ph.D. (UCSF)“RNA chaperones remodel gene expression”
Le Cong, PhD (Stanford)“Data-inspired genome technology for RNA-guided recombineering and lineage recording”
Moderator: Stefan Oberlin, Ph.D.

March 24, 2021, 4 PM EST  UMass Medical School, RNA Therapeutics Institute
Li Li, Ph.D.“Efficient chemical RNA copying with 2-aminoimidazole activated nucleotides”
Wenwen Fang, Ph.D.“Sensing RNA: from microRNA biogenesis to innate immunity”
Moderator: Erik Sontheimer, Ph.D.

March 10, 2021, 4 PM ET  Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute (ARRTI)
Luc Roberts, Ph.D.“Grad School to Biotech: A start up perspective”
Kristi Turton & Riya Roy“RNA Innovation: The power of academic and industry collaborations”

4 PM ET March 3, 2021 HOST: The University of Michigan, Center for RNA Biomedicine (special guest seminar)
Melissa J. Moore, Ph.D., Moderna Therapeutics, "A timely confluence: The backstory of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine"
Moderator: Nils Walter, Ph.D., Co-Director, U-M Center for RNA Biomedicine
9 AM ET February 24, 2021 Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI)
Neva Caliskan, Ph.D., "Structural and molecular basis for Cardiovirus 2A protein as a viral gene expression switch"
Mathias Munschauer, Ph.D., "The SARS-CoV-2 RNA–protein interactome in infected human cells"
Moderator: Redmond Smyth, Ph.D.

4 PM ET January 13, 2021 NCI RNA Biology Initiative 
Nicholas Guydosh, PhD “Ribosome collisions and sites of quality control revealed by ribosome profiling
Katherine McJunkin, PhD  “CRISPR screening to identify biologically important microRNA targets
Moderator: Sandra Wolin, MD, PhD

9 AM ET December 16, 2020  European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Ina Huppertz, Ph.D. “RNA regulates Glycolysis and Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation via Enolase 1
Olivier Duss, Ph.D.  “Co-transcriptional RNP complex assembly in real-time: How transient protein-RNA interactions guide nascent ribosomal RNA folding
Moderator: Matthias Hentze, MD

4 PM ET December 2, 2020 University of California, Santa Cruz
Daniel Kim, PhD “RAS signaling regulates the noncoding transcriptome
Susan Carpenter, PhD How do noncoding RNAs contribute to inflammation?
Moderator: Harry Noller, PhD

4 PM ET November 18, 2020  Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine
Suneet Agarwal, M.D., Ph.D. “Targeting telomerase RNA in degenerative diseases
Carmelo Nucera. M.D., Ph.D.  “Role of coding and non-coding genes in aggressive thyroid cancer
Moderator: Frank Slack, PhD

4 PM ET November 4, 2020 University of Rochester Center for RNA Biology
Paul Boutz, Ph.D. “Tumors taking the short cut: CDK12 and CDK13 in early transcription termination and nuclear RNA surveillance
Clara Kielkopf, Ph.D.  “Targeting U2AF: A vulnerable rheostat of pre-mRNA splicing
Moderator: David Mathews, MD, PhD

4 PM ET October 21, 2020 University of Pennsylvania RNA Group
Kathy Fange Liu, Ph.D. "RNA species dance to the beat of modifications
Yoseph Barash, Ph.D. "Splicing quantification from RNASeq - How to get the signal out of the noise?"
Moderator: Jeremy Wilusz, Ph.D.

October 7, 2020 The RNA Institute, University at Albany
Joseph Wade, Ph.D. “Pervasive translation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis” 
Scott Tenenbaum, Ph.D., “sxRNA: The Engineering of trans-Acting 3-Way Junctions for Function” 
Moderator: Thomas Begely, Ph.D.  

September 9, 2020 The University of Michigan, Center for RNA Biomedicine
Sue Hammoud, Ph.D. "Same Same Different: Single cell RNAseq identifies conserved and divergent features of mammalian spermatogenesis"
Justin Colacino, Ph.D. "Single cell transcriptomic profiling to understand breast stem cell heterogeneity in development and cancer disparities"
Moderator: Mats Ljungman, Ph.D 

August 26, 2020 Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine 
Siyuan (Steven) Wang, Ph.D.  “Image-based spatial genomics and transcriptomics
Junjie Guo, Ph.D. “RNA decay deficits cause neurodegeneration in ALS/FTD”   
Moderator: Karla Neugebauer 

August 12, 2020 NCI RNA Biology Initiative
Shuo Gu, Ph.D.  “A tale of tails: How 3’ uridylation alters miRNA function”
Voula Mili, Ph.D. “Local co-translational interactions control protein function”
Moderator: Sandra L. Wolin, MD, PhD 

July 29, 2020 Harvard Medical School Initiative for RNA Medicine 
Tim Yu, MD, PhD. “Prospects for hyper-individualized RNA medicines”
Shobha Vasudevan, Ph.D. “A specialized post-transcriptional program in chemoresistant, quiescent cancer cells”
Moderator: Frank Slack, Ph.D. 

July 15, 2020 University of Rochester Center for RNA Biology 
Mitch O’Connell, Ph.D. “Programmable RNA-targeting by CRISPR-Cas enzymes”
Xin Li, Ph.D. “Coupled protein synthesis and ribosome-guided piRNA processing on mRNAs”
Moderator: Lynne Maquat, Ph.D.  
July 1, 2020 
MD Anderson Center for RNA Interference and Non-Coding RNAs
Dr. Simone Anfossi, Ph.D. “ncRNAs: ‘inside out’ cancer regulomers”
Dr. Cristian Rodriguez-Aguayo, Ph.D. “Therapeutic Targeting of ncRNAs in Cancer”
Moderator: George Calin

June 17, 2020 UMass Medical School, RNA Therapeutics Institute
Athma Pai, Ph.D. “How efficiently do cells create mRNA? Balancing speed and accuracy in gene regulation”
Jonathan Watts, Ph.D. “Fighting an RNA virus with an RNA drug”
Moderator: Phil Zamore 

June 3, 2020 Riboclub, Sherbrooke
Francois Bachand, Ph.D. “Nutrient-dependent control of RNA polymerase II elongation rate regulates gene expression programs by alternative polyadenylation”
Andrew McMillan, Ph.D. “Spliceosome Structure: Can the Blind Men Now Describe the Elephant?”
Moderator: Sherif Abou Elela

May 20, 2020 The RNA Institute, University At Albany
Morgan Sammons, Ph.D. “Regulatory paradigms controlling a core stress response”
Alan Chen, Ph.D. “Simulating RNA folding pathways in 3D using sparse experimental constraints”
Moderator: Marlene Belfort, Ph.D.

May 6, 2020 University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine
Peter Freddolino, Ph.D. “It’s not the gene, it’s the neighborhood: Effects of large scale chromosomal structure on bacterial transcription”
Stephanie Moon, Ph.D. “A link between translation quality control and mRNA targeting to stress granules”
Moderator: Nils Walter, Ph.D.

April 22, 2020 Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine
Sarah Slavoff, Ph.D. “Regulation of RNA decapping and phase separation by a human polypeptide”
Nadya Dimitova, Ph.D. “Long Noncoding RNAs in Cancer: What, Where and How?”
Moderator: Karla Neugebauer, Ph.D.