2020 RNA Society Lifetime Achievement Award
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We are pleased to announce Matthias Hentze as the recipient of the 2020 RNA Society Lifetime Achievement Award.

Matthias Hentze, Professor and Director at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, is recognized for his longstanding contributions in the fields of RNA biology and gene regulation. Matthias’ early work focused on translation regulation, having identified the first cis-acting mRNA regulatory element and RNA binding protein partner during the regulation of iron homeostasis in mammalian cells. More recently, the Hentze lab has developed mRNA interactome capture to identify hundreds of previously uncharacterized RNA-binding proteins – a critical advance in elaborating RNP networks in the cell. Discoveries by the Hentze group have contributed not only to our fundamental understanding of gene control at the level of RNA but have also provided critical insight in the areas of developmental biology, brain function, cancer development and other diseases. In addition to his significant scientific contributions, Matthias is recognized for his leadership, training and mentoring of hundreds of young scientists within his lab, at EMBL, and throughout Europe.